Team Building Venues: Things To Look for As We Rebound From COVID

Living with an endemic COVID-19, we’re seeing businesses re-open, more workers and employees returning to workplaces, and cafes and restaurants bustling with activity again. Little wonder, companies are looking for ways to engage their employees, and organising corporate cooking team building in Singapore is emerging as one of the top choices for team building.

As at 29 March, the Singapore government has allowed three quarters of the workforce who are working from home to return to the workplace, subject to social distancing measures.

Companies are welcoming workers and employees back after almost two years of a hiatus. The transition could pose a challenge to some, and so human resource managers are creatively trying to find ways to ensure employees’ well-being, whether they choose to continue to work virtually or to return to the physical office.

Some of the ways HRs engage employees who choose to work virtually include managing an “always on” culture. The “always on” culture has become prevalent with the increasing adoption of technological devices that make it almost impossible for employees to avoid receiving work-related notifications. Experts say this can cause employees to feel that they are always on call, building pressure and impacting their mental health.

The Singapore government has put in place a “right to disconnect” policy which it hopes would offer safeguards for employees. The “right to disconnect” policy refers to the right of employees to disregard work-related communications after office hours without penalty.

A study by the University of Sussex, however, recommends a nuanced approach to implementing the right to disconnect, citing that for some employees, this could mean lessening productivity, which could lead to a feeling of discontent or worry over not meeting targets. Instead of imposing a rigid rule, researcher Emma Russell argued that companies should allow employees to manage the time they are responding to work-related emails past the regular work hours, if this means increasing employees’ satisfaction with their results. The study recommends that employees must ensure they get sufficient rest and sleep so they could feel energised for work the next morning, but without necessarily causing them to be unproductive.

For those returning to the workplace, HR managers should consider the employee’s “need to connect”. In contrast, the need to connect pertains to the need to feel a sense of belongingness once again, to get to know workmates and to have a feel for how team members could work with each other again after almost two years of just seeing each other over Zoom.

A study published last year by the World Economic Forum (WEF) found that up to 4,000 office workers felt anxious about returning to work. Employers face a conflict of interest given the situation: On one hand, they understand the importance of keeping their employees protected from COVID-19, yet, on the other, they also feel pressured to justify the cost of office rent by making employees use it.

The WEF study argued that putting pressure on employees to return to work might create more anxiety. It recommended that employers must first communicate with employees to understand their preferences and to continue to provide flexibility for employees to work from anywhere they could be productive.

From the right to disconnect to the right to connect: Why should your HR organise team bonding activities?

Palate Team Building is relaunching its cooking team building classes. Our new programme titled “The need to connect” is our answer to all the anxiety employees could be experiencing as they slowly return to work.

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Hosted in our studio or at a venue of your choice, we deliver cooking team building experiences that deliver on key learning objectives. Whether it is to strengthen team unity and encourage cohesion, nurture leadership, or facilitate effective communication, we have cooking team building programmes that meet our partner organizations’ purpose.

A spacious, well-appointed cooking team building venue

Palate Team Building has delivered cooking team building experiences for hundreds of companies over the years. Thousands of employees have benefitted from our programmes that blend learning with fun culinary experience. Our team building programmes are facilitated by our international cuisine chefs at our spacious 2000 sqft studio. Our kitchen equipment and tools are world-class, ensuring efficiency and safety while working in the kitchen.

We continue to be Singapore’s leading cooking team building provider, and we can’t wait to welcome you and your teams to our studio or in your office once again.

As work returns enters a new phase where productivity could be delivered from in-office, work-from-home or work-from-anywhere set ups, organizing a cooking team building makes sure your teams remain united and strong.

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