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Singapore’s Market Leader in
Cooking Team Building Experience
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Unique Corporate Programs
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State of the Art Kitchen for Hands on
Cooking and Team Building
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Singapore’s Market Leader in
Cooking Team Building Experience
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Unique Corporate Programs
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State of the Art Kitchen for Hands on
Cooking and Team Building
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Welcome to Palate Team Building Singapore

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A leading provider of corporate cooking team building in Singapore Since 2005

Exhilarating. Exciting. Fun. Engaging.

Experience the ultimate in team building with Palate Sensations Team Building. Our culinary-themed corporate team building events are packed with fun ice breaker games, fostering better communication and keeping teams motivated!

Whether in-person or virtual, our flexible cooking team building events cater to physical and remote teams, ensuring everyone can participate.

As the business landscape evolves, it’s crucial to prioritize staff welfare and foster cohesive and productive work environments. Palate Team Building Singapore stays ahead of trends, offering cooking team building activities that nurture a resilient workforce. With a focus on learning, leadership, and communication, our events unite teams through the power of food.

Choose from 10 carefully curated corporate team bonding activities designed to enhance creativity, kitchen skills, and life skills. Our programs incorporate fun ice breaking games to encourage collaboration and motivation. Discover more about our team building cooking classes and related activities by clicking below.

Palate Team Building Singapore has its pulse on evolving business landscapes. Our corporate cooking team building in Singapore programmes keep abreast with the trends and remain relevant to today’s work environment while helping your company nurture a resilient workforce of the future. We organise and facilitate in-studio, virtual, or client location-based corporate team building activities with purpose and impact at their core.

A firm believer in food as a unifying language, a cooking team bonding experience with us offers the opportunity for team members to have fun, de-stress, creatively think, plan, and execute tasks together, and nurture supportive and caring relationships.

Beyond the fun factor, Palate Team Building’s culinary team building activities are designed to deliver on key human resources and professional development objectives, including time management, decision making, stress management, task prioritization, executive presence, multi-tasking, leadership, marketing, and communication; all while engaging teams with good food and great company.

We have 10 carefully curated corporate team bonding activities to choose from. These programmes were created collectively by our professional chefs and our founder who, prior to attending French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu and establishing Palate Team Building, has worked for more than a decade in the corporate world. The result of the melding of these experiences is a set of culinary team building activities that challenge one’s creativity and skills in the kitchen, instil important life skills, and provide for a much-needed motivation for employees, especially those who thrive in structured environments. Click on the boxes below to learn more about our various team building cooking classes and related activities.


Our Story of Success

Corporate Cooking Team Building Singapore

Teamwork is a vital ingredient of any successful organization.

At Palate Team Building, we understand how important teamwork in the corporate setting is. And we have the corporate team building ideas to help your company develop teams that are united and confident in working under challenging situations.

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Team Building Events

Why Choose Us ?


Market Leader

Market leader with over 14 years experience running corporate team building events for more than 500 multinationals and local companies.



Qualified and trained in house chefs with over 20 years combined kitchen and business management experience.



Quality, unique and specifically designed programs to bring out the best in your team.



State of the art air-conditioned facilities, combining the best commercial and domestic kitchen equipment.



Undercover parking and outdoor dining available.


No service charge

No service charge and GST. All prices are nett.

We know you are super busy so leave it to us to organise your
team building event for you. We will contact you within one
business day:

    Some of Our Clients:


    My regional team came to Palate Sensations for a cooking team building activity in Singapore and it was a wonderful experience. The chefs were very professional and made the whole session fun for all of us. We have decided that when we are able to gather again, we will definitely be back for a baking team building session!


    I can barely boil an egg so I was very skeptical when my team organised a team building cooking class in Singapore. I thought I was going to stand back and just drink the night away but the chefs were so friendly and made me feel at ease. They issued step by step instructions and were always on hand to help me if I had any questions or if they saw me feeling lost. Highly recommended if you are looking for culinary team building in Singapore.

    Ellyn Chia

    My company organised a baking team building in Singapore when my boss visited us. Palate Sensations has a great CSR initiative which is in line with my company’s policy for team bonding in Singapore. We baked banana bread and 2 types of cookies for The Food Bank which were then distributed on our behalf to a children’s home. We all wrote messages to the kids and wished them well. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. Now I want to come back on my own time because they also teach bread making and I love bread.

    Brendon Ho

    Our team usually gather at least once a year for our regional meeting in Singapore but the past few years have been impossible for travel with COVID. My company which is based in Singapore, looked around for team building activities in Singapore and they organised a virtual team building class. The Singapore Team received an ingredient package but as I am based in Australia, I received the recipes and purchased my own ingredients. The class was held via zoom and it was really fun. We made Singapore otak otak and Hokkien noodles. The chef was very engaging and the whole process was really easy to follow. We all felt like we were cooking together even though we could only see each other on the screen. I cant wait to try their in studio cooking class team building in Singapore.


    Enjoyed the team building cooking activities! The timing is good and I like that we were able to customized for the timing for the company. We also had a good time enjoying the food which was fresh and delicious. Palate sensations even assisted us to take photos during our cooking session and we enjoyed the mini challenge which was to create a logo related to the company! All of us had a lot of fun there! Thank you!

    Lim Simin

    The Team Behind Palate Sensations Team Building – Singapore

    Lynette Foo

    The Boss

    Loreta Quitoles

    Cuisine Chef Instructor


    Ryan Lim

    Cuisine Chef Instructor

    Phyllis Lim

    Pastry Chef Instructor

    PS Employee Profile DP - 7

    Tina Tay

    Operations Manager


    Alexandra Stephanie

    Events Co-Ordinator

    Divyd Gutierrez

    Virtual Assistant


    Marketing Analyst