Business Dining Etiquette – A Corporate Event Idea in Singapore

Excellent business dining etiquette could be your golden ticket to getting hired for your dream job, or to winning a high-ticket deal. In Singapore where a myriad of cultures and customs converge, business dining could be daunting for the uninitiated. Thus, business dining etiquette as a corporate event idea is worth investing for your teams.

Palate Sensation’s Business Dining Etiquette programme is a chance for your team to learn the ins and outs of table manners and how to behave appropriately.  Some of the areas we will cover include learning how to use your utensils the correct way, how to eat different types of food, what to do with your napkin in all situations, and what seating arrangements mean and where you should sit.  In short, learn all the dos and don’t’s so that you can eat with confidence!  The three-hour event will comprise of lectures, practical exercises and a sit-down 3-course meal.

This is an excellent corporate event idea in Singapore or team bonding activity for your team members to pick up the right business dining etiquette over a relaxing meal. They will also learn about various dress codes as well as the right protocols in a social setting.
Ideal for supervisors and management team in sales, marketing and customer service.

We also provide customised training and classes for F&B owners who wish to equipt their service staff with the right dining service training.
With COVID-19, some of the business dining etiquette rules may have changed, as we shared in this blog. The pillars of business dining etiquette such as dressing appropriately, arriving on time, knowing how to properly greet a host, essentially remain the same.

We look forward to hosting a Business Dining Etiquette team building activity with your teams.

We know you are super busy so leave it to us to organise your team building event for you.
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    My regional team came to Palate Sensations for a cooking team building activity in Singapore and it was a wonderful experience. The chefs were very professional and made the whole session fun for all of us. We have decided that when we are able to gather again, we will definitely be back for a baking team building session!


    I can barely boil an egg so I was very skeptical when my team organised a team building cooking class in Singapore. I thought I was going to stand back and just drink the night away but the chefs were so friendly and made me feel at ease. They issued step by step instructions and were always on hand to help me if I had any questions or if they saw me feeling lost. Highly recommended if you are looking for culinary team building in Singapore.

    Ellyn Chia

    My company organised a baking team building in Singapore when my boss visited us. Palate Sensations has a great CSR initiative which is in line with my company’s policy for team bonding in Singapore. We baked banana bread and 2 types of cookies for The Food Bank which were then distributed on our behalf to a children’s home. We all wrote messages to the kids and wished them well. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. Now I want to come back on my own time because they also teach bread making and I love bread.

    Brendon Ho

    Our team usually gather at least once a year for our regional meeting in Singapore but the past few years have been impossible for travel with COVID. My company which is based in Singapore, looked around for team building activities in Singapore and they organised a virtual team building class. The Singapore Team received an ingredient package but as I am based in Australia, I received the recipes and purchased my own ingredients. The class was held via zoom and it was really fun. We made Singapore otak otak and Hokkien noodles. The chef was very engaging and the whole process was really easy to follow. We all felt like we were cooking together even though we could only see each other on the screen. I cant wait to try their in studio cooking class team building in Singapore.


    Enjoyed the team building cooking activities! The timing is good and I like that we were able to customized for the timing for the company. We also had a good time enjoying the food which was fresh and delicious. Palate sensations even assisted us to take photos during our cooking session and we enjoyed the mini challenge which was to create a logo related to the company! All of us had a lot of fun there! Thank you!

    Lim Simin

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