Business Dining Etiquette – A Corporate Event Idea in Singapore

Excellent business dining etiquette could be your golden ticket to getting hired for your dream job, or to winning a high-ticket deal. In Singapore where a myriad of cultures and customs converge, business dining could be daunting for the uninitiated. Thus, business dining etiquette as a corporate event idea is worth investing for your teams.

Palate Sensation’s Business Dining Etiquette programme is a chance for your team to learn the ins and outs of table manners and how to behave appropriately.  Some of the areas we will cover include learning how to use your utensils the correct way, how to eat different types of food, what to do with your napkin in all situations, and what seating arrangements mean and where you should sit.  In short, learn all the dos and don’t’s so that you can eat with confidence!  The three-hour event will comprise of lectures, practical exercises and a sit-down 3-course meal.

This is an excellent corporate event idea in Singapore or team bonding activity for your team members to pick up the right business dining etiquette over a relaxing meal. They will also learn about various dress codes as well as the right protocols in a social setting.
Ideal for supervisors and management team in sales, marketing and customer service.

We also provide customised training and classes for F&B owners who wish to equipt their service staff with the right dining service training.
With COVID-19, some of the business dining etiquette rules may have changed, as we shared in this blog. The pillars of business dining etiquette such as dressing appropriately, arriving on time, knowing how to properly greet a host, essentially remain the same.

We look forward to hosting a Business Dining Etiquette team building activity with your teams.

We know you are super busy so leave it to us to organise your team building event for you.
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    Fun filled cooking class
    for our company's team building

    We had a great time today at your cooking studio & the parents truly enjoyed the carefully designed dishes. It’s a beautiful venue with modern set up & equipment. Glad that we made the decision to host our event with you.


    Just wanted to say thanks to you for arranging such a fab night out! The food was really very good … I am still hankering for more crumble and everyone has been telling me that they loved the night out!

    Priya P

    Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your help and support for the James Martin media event! James was really happy with the set up and the assistance. He liked working with you Really appreciate you providing the venue FOC as well. Many media commented what a great place you have – so we helped plug what you offer.


    I would like to thank you and your colleagues for a wonderful event last evening. Me and my colleagues had great fun!

    Leslie Lim, Shell July 2019

    Thank you for having us! We had loads of fun and thank you and team for making this possible. Everyone was raving about the good times and planning the next!

    Renee CheongUBS July 2019

    Had fun today here. We actually didn't attend any class but rather just had a team building event
    which is kind of like a mini Master Chef. However, Lynette-...

    Hannah N

    Thank you so much for the recipes. Our team had such a great afternoon COOKING together! We had
    lots of fun and laughter and we greatly enjoyed ourselves....


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