Welcome to Palate Sensations’ Virtual Teambuilding

We bring your team together, even when they are working remotely or are located globally.
At Palate Sensations, we believe in an experience that is engaging and meaningful. Our methods revolve around the use of food as we are, at our core, a Culinary School.

Our Goals

Food carries memories – people are passionate about it. Its ability to bridge cultures and languages allow us to facilitate a session that is interactive,
builds trust and teamwork amongst co-workers that will translate to an effective team in the workspace.

Our Aims

Utilise food as a vehicle for individuals to share experiences and find similarities
Forge new bonds between individuals and reinforce existing relationships
Increase trust and communication
Encourage cohesive interactions towards a common team goal

Team Building with Cooking Activities

Higher level of immersion
Participants have access to a kitchen facility
Participants are largely based in Singapore

Team Building with Non Cooking Activities

Limited or no access to kitchen facilities
Participants who are based locally and globally

We make our virtual team building fun, safe and easy for you.

We will send a package to your participants’ doorstep containing the necessary materials and ingredients for your activity.

Choose your Experience

In Singapore, cooking team building is often seen as a one-size-fits-all. Not so at Palate Team Building. We have designed unique programs that allow your local or multi-national teams to participate in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Speak to us or send us any questions so we can plan, recommend and even customize the ideal virtual team building program for you.

We know you are super busy so leave it to us to organise your team building event for you.
We will contact you within one business day: