Cooking team building activities in Singapore are often seen as a one-size-fits-all programme. Not so at Palate Team Building. We have designed unique cooking team building activities and programmes that focus on challenge, having fun together, learning dining etiquette, and harnessing a sense of social contribution.

Those provide the starting point. But we want to hear about your team and how we can genuinely help to kick team cohesion into a higher gear. Please explore the team building programmes above and let us know how we can match the cooking team building activities for your team’s focus development areas.

Our process:

We invite you to browse through the culinary team bonding ideas we have on the website.

We will then sit down and talk to you to understand what learning and development objectives you aim to meet for your team.

After identifying these objectives, we will then come up with a recommendation for you on which  team bonding activity best meets your team’s needs.

Our professional chefs who are seasoned training facilitators will then facilitate the team building activity, making sure that the learning which occurs within our well-appointed kitchen stays with your team members even after the activities.

At Palate Team Building, we believe in life-long learning, and learning that stays for life!

We know you are super busy so leave it to us to organise your team building event for you.
We will contact you within one business day:

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