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Bake for A Cause

Corporate Baking Team Building Singapore

Touch lives with one baked treat at a time. Come and join Bake for A Cause – A baking team building in Singapore.

Bake for A Cause is Palate Team Building’s widely popular CSR activity. A baking team bonding activity, Bake for A Cause is highly suitable for companies looking to give back to the community.

While fostering teamwork and spirit, your team will bake and donate their cookies and muffins to a charitable organisation of your choice or The Food Bank.

You can also opt for a 3-course meal cooked by the chefs at Palate Sensations before or after the baking session.

As a team that walks the talk, our team also held a Bake for A Cause as one of our corporate baking team building and give-back activities at the start of the pandemic.

We baked over 1200 muffins and gave them away to frontliners in various hospitals. These include not only the medical staff but also the security personnel. The smiles on their faces were priceless for us. The effort and resources we devoted into preparing the ingredients, mixing them together, popping them in the oven, and packaging them with messages of inspiration written on the bags, were all worth it. This was our simple way to thank our front liners for keeping up the fight against COVID-19, which two years ago was still a very much unknown disease.

As one of our corporate baking team building activities, Bake For A Cause can also teach your team the essentials of baking. Baking requires the discipline of precision. It is like chemistry performed in the kitchen and not a lab. Precisely measuring ingredients, mixing, and using the right temperature are needed to consistently achieve the best results.

The principles learned in baking can be applied in corporate leadership and team cohesion as well.

Try skipping an ingredient, for example, a baking soda, and you will see how a muffin for example would not look as fluff as it should be.

A dash of salt can help bring out the taste of caramel because flavours need to be contrasted. This can be said of inspiring diversity in your teams as well – only by harnessing the diversity of perspectives can the best ideas crystallise.

What lesson can be learned about the importance of waiting for the oven to be pre-heated before popping the batter in? How can results differ when team keeps their pulse on the best timings to launch a project, a communication, or a marketing campaign? So many lessons can be learned from baking that apply to better business leadership and that inspire great team unity.

Above all, Bake for A Cause is about having an opportunity to bring teams to work together to make a difference, to put a smile on someone’s face, and to spark joy.

Contact us to organise corporate team building baking classes for you.

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    Fun filled cooking class
    for our company's team building

    We had a great time today at your cooking studio & the parents truly enjoyed the carefully designed dishes. It’s a beautiful venue with modern set up & equipment. Glad that we made the decision to host our event with you.


    Just wanted to say thanks to you for arranging such a fab night out! The food was really very good … I am still hankering for more crumble and everyone has been telling me that they loved the night out!

    Priya P

    Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your help and support for the James Martin media event! James was really happy with the set up and the assistance. He liked working with you Really appreciate you providing the venue FOC as well. Many media commented what a great place you have – so we helped plug what you offer.


    I would like to thank you and your colleagues for a wonderful event last evening. Me and my colleagues had great fun!

    Leslie Lim, Shell July 2019

    Thank you for having us! We had loads of fun and thank you and team for making this possible. Everyone was raving about the good times and planning the next!

    Renee CheongUBS July 2019

    Had fun today here. We actually didn't attend any class but rather just had a team building event
    which is kind of like a mini Master Chef. However, Lynette-...

    Hannah N

    Thank you so much for the recipes. Our team had such a great afternoon COOKING together! We had
    lots of fun and laughter and we greatly enjoyed ourselves....


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