The Importance of Socialising After Work

Most people work an average of 30 hours in the office every week and spending that much time there makes the office one of the only places for you to meet new people and socialise.

Sasanka Sharma, founder and chief executive of US engineering and IT firm Iscientia, says he makes a point of meeting his team outside work. “Every now and then we have activities planned for the whole team, be it lunch together, outdoor adventure, or just going out as a team after work hours. This builds our relationship, helps me know my employees on a personal level and helps them know me as well.”

For him, as a company boss, there is also a commercial pay-off. “In today’s environment it is hard to retain employees and colleagues unless they have an emotional connection to the company,” he says. “I would want my employees to be more connected and have a sense of ownership and that can only happen when people work as a team and as one family.”

The importance of building work relationships have become a priority in many companies nowadays but there are still many people who want to keep their status quo. We spend most of our fully adult life at work and building relationships with the people you see most might not seem important but they do have a huge impact in our day to day life and having a support system outside of your personal life is something that many people underestimate.

Being casual friends with your co workers is not enough these days. It is important to gather outside of the office as well. This is because building a happy co working relationship has many foundations and many of them can only be built through meeting in different circumstances and with different people.

Many people believe that if they can see the different sides of people when they are with their family or close friends they will learn to trust them more which is true. Having colleagues who are also friends also offer you a support system in the office; and especially helpful when you need a hand at meeting deadlines or someone to cover your duties while you rush off for a family emergency. Having a friend at work can help you feel as if someone is in your corner and can give you the confidence to do your best. They also offer a sanctuary when things get rocky with your bosses or other co-workers.

Work becomes a more enjoyable place to go when you friend a coworker because you feel appreciated and cared about. Coworkers have your back more than usual when they know you on a personal level; there is less of a chance for misunderstandings because the people you work with get where you are coming from.

A friendlier work environment also promotes more creativity. You feel more comfortable being yourself, and this allows you to think outside the box. Having a friend at work gives you a safe way to vent your frustrations, so you can rebound more quickly when setbacks at work occur.

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