The Art of Gift-giving (Corporate Social Responsibility – Bake For A Cause)

Gift-giving seems innate among us at any time of the year and especially towards Christmas. Aside from the spirit of gift-giving finding its roots in religious tradition, humans are highly social beings, and giving and receiving gifts enrich our relationships. Beyond material gifts, several studies have spotlighted the gift of experience as providing both the giver and the receiver lasting joy. As you consider ways to give back to the community this year, a baking team bonding CSR event will not only be fun for your teams, but it will also be a source of happy memories that your teams will remember fondly for a long time.

Why a baking team bonding CSR event is good for your teams

Building effective teams is like baking. First, you need to define your mission, or what you aim to accomplish. Second, you need to follow a plan, or a recipe, to get there. Third, you need to communicate effectively, assigning roles that involve everyone’s commitment and participation. Finally, you simply must celebrate your sweet success!

A baking team bonding CSR event is an ideal yearend activity because it inspires leadership, fosters communication, and enhances the spirit of cooperation among team members while letting them experience or learn how to bake.

The word baking itself suggests a coming together of an assortment of ingredients to create a product. As your team members would learn, unlike cooking, baking requires precision. The measurement of ingredients and the temperature at which to bake all have need to be measured exactly to achieve the best results.

What are the benefits to your teams for organising a baking team bonding CSR event?

First, it could give your team an overall sense of purpose, thus, making them feel good about working with the company. A recent study revealed that up to 95% of employees today say that they are more loyal to a company or organisation that is purpose-driven. With more companies struggling to retain talent these days, a meaningful CSR activity leads to top talent retention.

Second, a baking team bonding CSR event can also positively impact on your customer loyalty. According to Statista, 70% of customers say they are more loyal to companies that genuinely and consistently demonstrate an act of giving back.

With a baking team bonding CSR event, not only will you gift your team members with an experience that is filled with learning, fun, and meaning, they, too, will have a chance to gift others with a baked treat that is the fruit of their labour of love.

hird, a baking team bonding CSR event will also reflect positively on your company’s reputation. Today’s business landscape is increasingly changing to respond to customers’ behaviour. Many customers prefer to support businesses that adopt a cause, or those that demonstrate strong corporate accountability. CSR, in fact, is only one component of business sustainability, and companies are now more aware of their impacts on the environment and society. To have staying power, companies need to shift priorities from just making profits, to balancing profits, people, and planet, or what is called the triple bottom line. Customers who see that companies perform well on these three pillars are likely to choose to buy these companies’ products or engage their services.

Fourth, a baking team bonding CSR event is a gift that multiplies. The happiness that comes with material objects could fade faster than when others receive a gift of experience. Psychologist Thomas Gilovich cited in his research that money spent on doing provides more enduring happiness than money spent on having.

Palate Team Building offers Baking team building activities in Singapore. Our Bake for A Cause baking team bonding CSR event provides your teams with the opportunity to learn fundamental baking principles and techniques to make cookies, brownies, and loaf cakes that you could share with others. We also write messages of hope to our recipients.

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