Here’s how Palate Team Building is Dealing With the Coronavirus


All staff have temperature checks twice a day.

All staff who are sick are not allowed to come to work. With this being the case, staff will not be wearing masks while at work.

None of our staff have been to China in the past 14 days.

Our hand soap, table sanitisers, washing liquid for our commercial dish washer, our floor mop sanitiser are all antibacterial. We always clean and wipe down after every class and hygiene is always observed throughout the class/event.

All our equipment used during the class is washed with a commercial dishwasher that is heat-treated to kill bacteria.


We will continue as normal for all our classes. For participants:

We will conduct temperature checks for each participant entering the studio.

You will be asked to sign our declaration form when you are at the studio.

You will not be allowed to enter the studio if you are sick or have been to China or have had contact with Chinese visitors into Singapore in the past 14 days.

Anyone who is sick and not able to participate in the class, please contact us directly to make alternative arrangements.

Let us all stay safe, stay informed, and most important of all, stay calm and do not panic.