3 Compelling Reasons Companies Need To Invest In Team Building Now

How can out-of-the-box team building ideas help companies keep employee cohesion amidst rapid changes in the workplace?

All over the world, companies are seeing the rise of a blended workforce where, increasingly, artificial intelligence in the form of conversation bots are taking over roles in recruitment, customer service, and technical support.

Research from Oracle and FutureWorkplace showed that up to 50% of employees are now using AI conversation bots at work, up from 32% in 2018. 

Remote work has more firmly entered the mainstream. In a survey of 2500 employees conducted by Buffer.com last year, up to 99% said that they would want to work off-site at one time in their career.

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are driving 2020 trends in the workplace, with up to 50% of the workforce being made up of millennials in countries like the UK.

Human resources experts say this could be good or bad. Research suggests that a significant generational disconnect exists between millennials and their older colleagues, which has the potential to cause communication and retention issues for organisations and businesses.

With all these changes, there has never before been a crucial time to bring teams together. The investment in team building far outweighs the cost of attrition, or of a dip in productivity due to low staff morale, or of the disintegration of teams in this increasingly fragmented workplace where communication and cohesion are critical.

In fact, the lack of clear communication, the lack of trust among team members, unclear goals and objectives, and the misalignment of these goals and objectives within different departments in a rapidly changing and fast-paced organisation are often the cause for teams to fail to deliver the results expected of them.

Because of this, companies need to invest in team building now more than ever. Here are compelling reasons to do so:

1. Team building enables blended teams to cooperate and work together. With AI and conversation chat bots taking more troubleshooting and customer service functions, is the human touch in team communications slowly fading in the background? How does this impact team cohesion? Technologies we use at work must improve and not get in the way of our relationships. This is why team building is relevant. It instills the spirit of team work. As team members gain an appreciation of each team member’s unique role and contribution, this increases the spirit of working in teams instead of working in isolation. Team building activities enhance communication, instills empathy, and builds a relationship of trust — these are important attributes that could easily fall by the way side in a modern, fast-paced workplace.

Palate Sensations Team Building delivers team building experiences that are out-of-the-box and geared towards creating great teams while using food as a medium. Our Murder Mystery Team Building theme helps team members get better acquainted with each other and promotes problem solving and analytical skills while creating positive interactions. This can be delivered interactively over a four-course meal where participants use the entire studio space to walk around and talk to each other as they investigate and attempt to solve the mystery. Or this can also be played over a four-course seated meal.

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2. Team building integrates remote teams with office-based teams. Offshoring certain roles may have its benefits, but problems usually arise when remote teams feel they are left out. Getting remote teams to join office-based teams in a company-wide team building activity gives the remote team members a sense of belonging, and as they realise that their contributions are valued, they will feel motivated to do more for the company by working cohesively with the rest of the office-based teams. Remote team workers who directly report to an office-based manager or boss also face the seemingly inevitable risk of being misunderstood. Meeting in person at least once or twice a year boosts efficiency and lessens confusion and disconnects. A good company will think about bringing both these teams together so they could understand each other, set expectations for working with each other, and enjoy camaraderie.

Palate Sensations Team Building offer unique and exciting team building challenges that harness team strength. Our Two-Way Challenge, Mystery Box, Delivery Service challenges allow team members to get to know each other in person, get creative at solving challenges, and celebrate victories. All these is done over a fun setting involving choosing ingredients, preparing meals, budgeting, and marketing, thus sharpening soft skills and professional career skills at the same time.

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3. Team building bridges multigenerational gaps. Bringing a diverse team together is challenging, but it is also among the most beautiful things that could happen in a workplace. Millennials are technology savvy, while Gen Xers may need help breaking away from the customary. How do you align the two groups together? Regardless of age, skill, and experience, Millennials and Gen Xers can seamlessly integrate if they are clear with their roles and trust each other.

Palate Sensations Team Building offers fun team bonding events where teams can just let their hair down and have fun! You can also create your own culinary-themed team bonding event and our chefs, who themselves were corporate professionals before deciding to shift to culinary careers, could co-create a bespoken concept for you.

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As we turn a new leaf this 2020, we hope to see your teams grow stronger in the spirit of camaraderie and achieve more of their goals all while having fun! We look forward to partnering with you in making this happen. To view all our team building clients in the past, click here. To book your team building with us, please email us at info@palatesensations.com or fill out this form.