Burnout is real. Here are 5 ways a Christmas cookout will inspire your work teams.
Do you miss sharing lunch breaks with colleagues at work?

There was an article written by a sustainable finance professional who said that no matter how mentally stimulating or purposeful his work is, burnout is bound to happen.

For nearly two years since the pandemic hit us all, we have been working under a crisis – away from the usual physical interaction with work colleagues, and within our homes where the constant demands from now homeschooling children, the lack of a conducive work set up, and Zoom fatigue have defined our professional lives.

An article by HBR highlighted that collaborative work went on overdrive especially during the pandemic and that this happened over email, IM, phone, or video calls. This set-up has spurred an “always on” work culture which proved to be counterproductive as it lessens focus time, leads to employee burnout, and in many cases, creates disruptions in family relationships because of the blurred line between work and family time.

Palate Sensations Culinary School Founder Chef Lynette Foo teaching a group class.

Switching off work devices and switching on the out of office notification for some dedicated time out has been recommended. A team cookout, especially during the yearend and as we prepare for the Christmas break, is a great idea, and here are five ways to do it and five reasons why it will inspire your work teams.

Meatless Mondays. Mindful, meatless eating is gaining traction, and this is great for the planet and for your teams. Learn to make meatless dishes that are creative, delicious, and healthy. You will also be able to contribute to lowering food’s environmental footprint!

If you’re an HR, you might want to consider enlisting your team to an intensive course on plant-based cuisine. Or you can write to info@palatesensations.com to request us to organise one for your team.

Take care Tuesdays. Make food the language of care. You can combine a cookout with a wellness activity and have a holistic food and movement session. Know what foods harm and what foods heal and emphasise the importance of wellness especially in response to changing work set ups during the pandemic.

Palate Sensations Culinary School offers holistic food and movement classes. Book here.

Hump Day Lunch date. Celebrate mid-week by cooking your own lunch while working from home! There are cooking and baking kits available which you could cook as a team together while all on a Zoom or Teams session. Enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards! This activity is meant to give your teams a break from the week’s hustle and tide them through the next days.

Palate Sensations Culinary School’s Frisky Palate offers cooking and baking kits that your teams can make from the comforts of their homes.

Brown Bag Thursdays. Arrange to cook together a traditional cuisine from your place of birth. Then invite team members to share about their culture and discover the origin of the dish. You will be surprised at how stimulating and engaging this session could be. This also promotes respect for diversity and inclusion.

Palate Sensations Culinary School offers international cuisine cooking classes taught by culturally diverse chefs. Check out our classes and arrange a group class for your team.

Cooking with Friends Friyay! Finally, celebrate a productive week with a cookout after work! This will help establish team camaraderie and strengthen cohesion. It will also be a good occasion to meet new team members. This can be an in-person after work activity where gatherings are allowed (usually among fully vaccinated individuals).

Get together with friends and de-stress over cooking and eating good food! Check out our Cooking with Friends classes.

Remember, cooking could be a therapeutic activity. It also fosters socialization and provides opportunities for that human connection we all miss greatly. Food is an amazing connector that helps celebrate diversity, which enriches your team with wider knowledge and perspective of the greater world outside their computer screens.

Contact us today to book a group class: info@palatesensations.com. We look forward to seeing you and your teams!