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Hacks for healthy office snacks: Dehydrated foods and sugar-free beverages

Healthy office snacks can positively impact your employees’ productivity and over-all wellness.

With the Covid-19 now declared a global pandemic, it has never before been more important to take good care of your employees’ health. Aside from activating safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace especially for critical staff that must be in the office to do their work, another way to boost employees’ defence against any illness (that is so simple it is often overlooked) is stocking up the office pantry with healthy office snacks and offering healthier beverage alternatives.

With or without a global health calamity, offering healthy snacks as an in-office perk is one of the best ways employees can feel that they are being looked after. Studies suggest that offering healthy snacks can outsize the impact on company-wide productivity and employee engagement and increase the level of happiness than bigger perks like extravagant game rooms or having an in-house gym. Offering healthy snacks in the pantry is key to increasing employees productivity as well.

According to Harvard Business Review, food has a direct impact on employees’ cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at lunch can derail the entire afternoon. Making healthier decisions for what to eat ahead of time, and making healthier snacking alternative easier to achieve by restocking the pantry and removing unhealthier snacking options would make employees healthier, happier and more productive.

Here’s one idea on how to do this: Replace unhealthy store-bought snacks with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. You may arrange with your office caterer or supplier to make dehydrated food for your staff, or you may also encourage employees to make these themselves. It’s so easy.

To make dehydrated fruits and vegetables, simply pick fresh vegetables and fruits, slice them up, and toss them in the dehydrator. If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can also use your oven. Follow the same preparation method, set the oven at 80 degrees Celsius, toss in the sliced fruits and vegetables and leave for up to four hours.

An assortment of home-made dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Why are dehydrated foods healthy? Especially if you are using non-GMO fruits and vegetables, you are assured that the sourced food is 100% natural. Dehydrated foods also preserve calories, making them a natural energy booster without the slump after-effect. Vitamins and minerals in dehydrated food are also preserved, as well as higher concentrations of fiber and antioxidants.

Encouraging employees to make their own dehydrated food, as opposed to store-bought dehydrated food, also gives the assurance that they will not be eating any artificial chemicals or preservatives, some of which are widely known to have harmful effects to people’s health, causing like allergies, respiratory and skin ailments, among others.

Another idea to keep employees healthy and productive is choosing healthier alternatives to what they drink in the office. If the pantry has a vendo machine with soda, why not replace sugary drinks with healthier and freshly squeezed juices instead? You can either bring a juicer to the pantry and stock up the fridge with peeled fruits and vegetables ready for juicing, or also, prep healthy beverages ahead of time.

Here is an example of Kefir soda drink that is so fizzy, healthy for the guts, and is non-alcoholic.

Delicious and healthy Kefir soda water!

Times like this call for resilience. Ensure your team’s productivity, wellness, and happiness by offering them healthier snacking alternatives at work!

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