Ryan Lim

“We are what we eat & cook’. Since time began, I believe that food has always been a bridge for racial harmony. It intrigues me how food can actually change the world and its constant evolvement bonds people and cultures together. Food will always be influential and therefore it demands our respect for it.”

Ryan’s culinary journey began right after he completed his National Service. Feeling lost and not knowing what to do with his career, he sought refuge in cooking as it was the safest but toughest profession. He took a leap of faith and graduated from the school of hard knocks from the underbelly of the kitchen, having no prior education or experience in the industry.

It was a love hate relationship in the beginning as he had to sacrifice his weekends and holidays. The change was too drastic until he almost gave up. However, along the way, he met a mentor who gave him the necessary guidance. He was exposed to different cuisines and cooking techniques. Participating in competitions helped to hone his culinary skills. Through cooking and being a chef for the past 23 years, it has taught him a lot about life in general.

Ryan seized the opportunity to make a career change as a Cuisine Chef Instructor with Palate Sensations. Coming from mixed Malay and Chinese heritage, he hopes to bring some fusion techniques to anyone keen to learn the art of cooking and in turn touch people’s lives.