The Food Model Challenge – Kitchen Team Building Activities

The Food Model Challenge is one of the highly subscribed kitchen team building activities Palate Team Building offers. The activity is designed to bring out participants’ creativity, nurture cooperation and quick thinking, and put their presentation skills to the test.

Teamwork is integral to any organisation. Fun and out-of-the-box kitchen team building activities  are effective ways to boost team spirit, enhance communication, and give team members a healthy dose of adrenaline rush while accomplishing a challenging and fun task.

To participate in The Food Model Challenge, chefs prepare the same ingredients for all teams. The teams will then reflect upon their company’s values, mission, and vision. Thereafter, using food as a creative vehicle for expression, the teams will create food models that best communicate corporate mission, vision, values, and culture. Teams are each given 20 minutes to create the food model. The number of participants for this challenge is infinite as long as you have the space.

Palate Team Building facilitated the Food Model Challenge for an airline company, and the teams created their latest models of airplanes. Another Food Model Challenge was facilitated for teams who created models of the Singapore Gardens by the Bay, complete with a miniature Marina Bay Sands, Super Trees, and the beautiful and stunning urban greenery that epitomise Singapore’s identity as a city in a garden – all made from vegetables!

Kitchen team building activities such as the Food Model Challenge offer your teams the chance to let your boundless creativity soar. It is also an effective gauge for HR managers to know how well team members understand, and embrace the company’s values. Kitchen team building activities such as the Food Model Challenge also reveals how team members give a personal meaning to their work, how deeply they value the company, and how their motivation at work is influenced by the values the company strives to live by.

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